September 12, 2017




As for today we our focusing on preparing the winter to come. It is most likely that it will be as cold and humid as it has been in the past. Europe is expecting several hundreds of thousands of refugees to come and try to find help. Most of them will soon be trapped in the cold European winter.

To face this the riding community is starting to collect warm clothes by setting up jacket drop locations and events. The French collecting campaign will last all October. We are also continuing to help the local non-profits of Calais as much as we can.

Riders for refugees have put in place different ways of bringing them to the hands of those in need.

We are planning two trips to bring jackets to refugees for this winter:

We our also raising funds to cover all the expenses needed for these jacket deliveries. This is happening via our Generosity page.

In the mean time we are providing tips and addresses for people to either give their jackets to pick-up points or send them jackets directly to local non-profits.

On top of that we will continue bringing up awareness on the refugee crisis via our Facebook page as well as producing video and photo content covering our actions!




Photo credit: Alexis De Tarade