September 12, 2017




Refugees from all over have been arriving in the Balkans often through Greece. Poor management of the crisis there makes the situation very hard for them. Often refugees are stuck here for a while as it is very hard to obtain the asylum status and be decently helped by European governments. So often they have to face very harsh winters and find means to survive on their own.

There are numerous refugee camps in these parts of Europe as well as several local non-profits and volunteers. But just like anywhere else, they are clearly out numbered as they face so many people in need.



Last winter we managed to reach out to them with a truck full of high quality clothes for the winter. We arrived in Serbia in the middle of a very cold wave and we felt very useful then. We were happy to partner with the amazing people of Refugee Aid Serbia and the Refugees foundation.



However, we also felt that we didn’t do much compared to the number of people in need over there. This is why we are aiming to providing this cold region of Europe with even more warm clothes for next winter!

Find out how to help us do this by checking out our crowdfunding campaign and contribute bringing happy faces to these kids!



Or simply give away one of your spare jackets!


Photo credit: Alexis De Tarade