September 12, 2017




Since the jungle has been dismantled the situation in Calais has been getting worse and worse. All the policies implemented to hide the refugees from the public have created a very hostile environment for them.   Refugees keep coming to this part of Europe with the hope that they will still be welcomed and that they will find a better situation than the one they ran away from. The reality is very different though. They have come to a period where they have to hide from authorities and aren’t far from being persecuted by the police force. Despite all of this, it still is better than war, genocides, or anything that they left back home.



However, and thanks to amazing local volunteers and non-profits such as l’auberge des migrants or the Refugee community kitchen they can find comforting help, food and warm clothes. We are very proud to partner with these effectively generous organizations!

We will continue to provide them the high quality extra jackets and such that the riding community is willing to donate.

Find out how to help us do this by checking out our crowdfunding campaign.

Or simply give away one of your spare jackets!


Photo credit: Danny Burrows, Alexis De Tarade